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Temperature Separation Walls

Industrial insulated Walls

for temperature separation

Energy Saving Curtains

Keep chilled areas cool and heated areas warm with TZ Insulated Curtain Walls from Zoneworks.

Choose from three different models of industrial insulated curtains that can provide up to 40°F (22°C) or more of temperature separation. Construct a three- or four-sided enclosure or a stand-alone room with four industrial insulated walls and a ceiling.

Applications for Insulated Walls Include:

  • Separate space in coolers, freezers or air-conditioned areas, in warehouses or around loading docks
  • Protect temperature-sensitive items from heat or ambient temperatures
  • Maintain consistent temperature differentials between two walls
  • Serve as heat shields - defining a parts-cooling room within a larger, hotter production area
  • Keep employees warm in specified plant areas

Use Insulated Curtain Walls In:

  • Coolers and freezers
  • Food processing facilities
  • Food warehouses and distribution centers
  • Heat-generating production processes

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