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dust containment

dust containment

If sanding, grinding, mixing or other processes in your facility generate dust, powder or fine particulates, SCL Fabric Curtain Walls and SCH Heavy-duty Sliding Curtain Walls can help you contain the mess.

Zoneworks dust containment walls are made of standard single-thickness vinyl which forms a tight, protective seal from floor to roof deck. Anti-microbial FDA vinyl inhibits mold and bacteria growth in food industry applications.

Dust Control

  • Keep dust off products and packaging, and out of machinery and
    production equipment
  • Protect worker health by preventing inhale of airborne dust
  • Isolate individual work bays to contain sanding dust and paint overspray
  • Prevent fine food powders from infiltrating adjacent areas

Typical applications for dust containment curtain walls include:

  • Sanding and grinding processes
  • Cocoa powder and baking flour blending operations
  • Concrete plants and dry mix facilities
  • Spray paint and auto bosy shops

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